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Greta Tuesday February 26, 2013
Yesterday I attended Essential Oils and Kitchen Medicine workshops with Jamie. Loved, loved both of them. Jamie's teaching was well researched as well as easily understandable. Really good information! She supported my belief in that we have everything we need on earth to heal ourselves! Thank you, thank you. Gonna go make a green smoothie now: -Greta-mom, yoga teacher, dancer
From: Mississippi
Olivia Tuesday February 26, 2013
Thank you for the workshops, Jamie! I had fun and learned a lot too!
From: Mississippi
Cindy Tuesday February 26, 2013
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in your two workshops on Essential Oils and Kitchen remedies!!! Both very informative and eye opening..no pun intended! I had my first green smoothie and came home and put grapefruit oil in my bath..HEAVENLY: Ready to start on a daily basis..thank you
From: Mississippi
S Monday January 7, 2013
I've been working with Jaime for a few years. After some sessions with her, I decided to do her 3 month transformation package. And it resulted in a huge shift for me. After close to 20 years on antidepressants, I was able to finally get off of them. I have slowly begun to have faith in my self and my abilities again. The biggest advantage I found of working with Jaime is that she can see your true essence even when you can't. She can help you to rediscover yourself and your own strength. I will be forever grateful for that.
From: Washington State
Mary Monday October 29, 2012
Jamie is a gifted healer, and I feel so fortunate that our paths crossed. During our healing sessions she was patient, honest, and insightful earning my complete respect, and appreciation. This was no cookie-cutter program. It was tailored to my specific needs from the moment I stepped through the door. I was immediately given tools that restored confidence, power, and peace. Devastating past events were transformed, creating clarity, and making me feel safe, grounded and connected. If you have the opportunity to schedule with Jamie, just do it!
Lesley Tuesday March 13, 2012
I had the great benefit of working with Jamie for myself and my little boy. For me, Jamie's energy work helped remove the weight that seemed to have kept me in my rut, and what she had to say during our session was exactly what I needed to hear to get over the grief about my situation and get into action to turn things around for myself. My 4-year-old son had been dealing with intense food anxiety issues after a long illness. I believe the energy work from Jamie was the catalyst that turned his eating around to a positive direction. I am happy to report that 3 months later he no longer has these anxiety issues. Thank you, Jamie, for these life changing experiences!
From: MS
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