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Blissfully Thankful Monday January 16, 2012
The 3-Month Transformative Package did exactly that…it helped transform me into the person I was afraid to be the REAL me!. Jamie’s gifts as an intuitive and a medium went above and beyond what I was hoping for. I had only a few weeks prior to my first session started remembering some horrible things from my childhood. One of the 1st things I asked her was “did the things I have just started remembering really happen?” She was able to confirm that they did. And that was the 1st major step forward in the healing process for me. Jamie through this process laid out in this package was able to help me break through to even more repressed memories and let them go. The things she and I discovered together helped explain SO much of why I am how I am especially in the timeframe surrounding “the things that happened to me”. Her ability as a medium took the healing to a whole other level. I was able to ask very direct and pointed questions to the deceased person involved in “the things” without having to filter through their lies/excuses/etc. or worry about their guilt trips, etc., etc… Without Jamie Roth and the 3-Month Transformative Package, I may have spent the rest of my life wondering whether or not my “memories” were from real events or the result of an overly active & slightly twisted imagination… Thank you, Jamie and God Bless!!!
From: Central MS
Amy Thursday July 14, 2011
. Thank you for all your support and guidance these past three months. My soul has found it's home, and I have found my joy. It has been so much fun discovering who I am. much love.
Cynthia Kaza Sunday June 19, 2011
I had a wonderful reading with Jamie! She is very professional and thoughtful in the way that she delivers messages. She has a very warm spirit and is extremely accurate. I would recommend her to all of my friends! Thanks Jaimie! You rock!
From: Nashville, TN
Diann Monday June 13, 2011
Jamie is phenomenal! As a medium, she is on target. I knew immediately she was connecting with my mother's spirit. She helped me understand the spirit world by counseling me which enabled me to process the loss of my mother in a better way. Jamie has a kind heart and a strong voice. By listening to her, I am on the road to peace now. Thank you, again, Jamie.
From: South Mississippi
Melissa Barlow Monday June 13, 2011
I loved the Reiki workshop I attended. Jamie has a great way of bringing a group together. I came to it a little unsure of what I would gain, but interested in learning more about Reiki, and walked away feeling very refreshed, energized, and with a new outlook.
From: Mississippi
Dana King Monday June 13, 2011
Receiving my first Reiki attunement from Jamie was an amazing experience. Jamie vibrates with good energy, in a quite literal way. Learning from Jamie felt very safe and comforting, and the effects of Reiki in my life have been life-changing. I have felt more centered, stable, and self-aware on a personal level and have already been able to appreciate the healing effects of Reiki working in the medical field. I'm glad I began my Reiki journey with Jamie.
From: Brandon, MS
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