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Mack Harris Monday June 6, 2011
Jamie was an awesome Reiki teacher. I feel very fortunate to have been instructed and attuned by her. I had wanted to learn Reiki for years, but could never find a teacher and like that saying goes when the student is ready the teacher will appear. When I was ready I met Jamie and to my delight she was a Reiki master/teacher and a very awesome in power psychic. I am better for having met and gotten to know her and feel blessed by our paths having met and concurrently running together. :-
From: Mississippi, USA
Susan Monday June 6, 2011
Learning Reiki from Jamie was like sitting down with an old friend. It flows so natural from her and is taught in a gentle, loving way. Jamie is wise beyond her years and I look forward to the learning the next level of Reiki from her.
From: Madisonville, LA
Anne Saturday May 21, 2011
I felt a connection with Jamie the moment we first spoke - even across the miles and 'over the border'! My readings with Jamie have helped me navigate through the most difficult year of my life. Her guidance has given me the much needed confirmation that I am 'on track' and the confidence and strength to move forward, keeping the bigger picture in mind. Her warmth and compassion shines - she has a big heart, and a true love for helping others. Jamie - thanks for keeping me grounded this past year!
From: Canada
Cassandra Wednesday March 23, 2011
I completed a one-month Transformative Package with Jamie Roth in early 2010 and it was a wonderful experience. Jamie's ability to immediately tune into important aspects of my life was amazing and so very helpful. She is honest, compassionate, and authentic when she talks to you and her genuine desire to help others is always present in her readings! I was so excited to experience Reiki for the first time with Jamie and our session certainly did not disappoint! I truly enjoyed completing a Transformative Package with you, Jamie! It changed me for the better.
From: Edwardsville, IL
Ann Wednesday January 19, 2011
Jamie is amazing. Not just her gifts of insight and intuition but her ability to heal and put anxieties at ease. I have had several readings and she is always on target. Thank you for sharing your gift Jamie
Erin Sunday January 16, 2011
I've had two intuitive sessions with Jamie, and after the first I was amazed at how positive I felt for a long time afterward. Since then I've been able to focus my energy in a positive way and have felt like I'm really in touch with myself. After my second reading I realized all the good that had come from this positivity, and am thankful to Jamie for that. She has helped me feel centered and focused, and I sincerely enjoy talking with her. Hope to do it again soon!
From: Maine
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