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Rebecca R. Wednesday January 12, 2011
You know what is the best thing about having a session with you? It's like talking to an old friend that I have known forever and getting kick ass advice all rolled into one. I always feel so good after talking to you ♥ Thanks for being you.
Jennie Sunday January 9, 2011
I recently had a wonderful Intuitive Counseling session with Jamie. What a delight to talk with her like I was talking to an old friend. An old friend with guidance and insight to my future. It was eye opening and such a relief in my case knowing I'm on the right path.
From: Michigan
Dominique Wednesday August 11, 2010
I recently completed a transformative package with Jamie. I started with the 1 month package and upon completion of that was inspired to extend my package to 3 months. Before discovering Jamie I was ridden with hopelessness. My life was in a place I did not want it to be. Some things were within my ability to change and some were not. I had so many feelings that I didn't understand and wished would disappear. I felt stuck. I had no idea how to get where I wanted to be. The thing is, I tried everything I could "intellectually" think of. Counseling, positive thinking, wishful thinking, moving, switching jobs, more friends, different friends, avoidance, denial, and so on....nothing took away my pain and confusion. I could not be happy and I was giving up. Then I came across Jamie, an intuitive counselor. Not just a counselor, an intuitive counselor. Someone who would understand me at a deeper more meaningful level, a heart and soul level. Genius! I received more help from Jamie in ONE session than I had from all of my traditional counseling sessions combined. With a traditional counselor you spend numerous sessions talking about yourself, your problems, rehashing your childhood, trying to find out what your blockages are...intellectually. Jamie knows all of that before you even think to tell her. You dive right in to the deeper you. Through her intuitive counseling sessions and reiki sessions, Jamie helps you peel back the layers of your misconceptions that have been shielding you from your authentic self..your true spirit. I was being healed from the inside out. I didn't understand it at first, but I ran with it because it was better than anything else I had ever felt. Jamie made me aware of the deeper things that were holding me back. Not only that, but offered my many suggestions as to how to work through these issues in a real and tangible way. Nothing absurd, nothing fancy, just real and direct. I can honestly say that I feel more alive, strong, happy, secure, inspired, and excited than I have in my entire life. The really amazing thing about this is that I look at my life now, and look at my life 4 months ago and see that situationally nothing is different. The only difference is me. ME. I have changed from the inside...not on a superficial level, but on a deep spiritual level. Life does not tell me how to feel anymore. I tell life how I feel, and it applauds. I am now able to make the changes my life needs as well as accept the situations which are beyond my control. There is no greater gift someone could have presented me. Jamie will forever be in my thoughts, my prayers, and my heart. A permanent name on my list of forever friends. If it weren't for her guidance, her sincerity, her truth, and her love my spirit would not have the freedom it does now and my life would not have the possibilities that lie before it. If you are ready to open YOUR gift, then allow Jamie to take your hand and lead you there.
From: Denver, CO
Amy Sunday July 18, 2010
Had a really wonderful reading tonight with Jamie. Thank you!. I love how I walk away from a reading with: good details I am searching for that help me make decisions, some great life changing insights about me that will help me grow, and some truly wonderful images of my future: my boys running in my future yard, ou...r rustic little home, and my nurturing little baby girl. What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank you.
Martha Elder Sunday July 18, 2010
My session with Jamie was wonderful - empowering, insightful, hopeful and was right on target with what I already know to be true!
From: Carmel, NY
Rebecca Sunday June 13, 2010
Jamie's reading flat out blew me away! I started to talk about a guy I've had a crush on and she immediately knew his name...
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